Cash Gift

Cash Gift

The Calumet Theatre depends upon its friends. Theatre memberships, tours and ticket and merchandise sales make it possible to provide quality programming and provide for everyday maintenance. However, recognizing the age of the building, one can easily imagine the need for significant periodic attention this magnificent theatre demands. Some of the structural needs of the building are not readily visible to theatre guests as they sit in our seats enjoying a great show. But behind the glitter and glitz of the show hides a theatre with many needs, including tuck pointing maintenance, roof repairs, window and door replacement and an elevator for our guests with disabilities.

Because they impact upon one’s enjoyment of the performance, theatre guests readily recognize certain more apparent needs of the theatre, including the need for more comfortable seating, improved ventilation, better lighting, heating system upgrades and insulation.

Maintaining the theatre’s historic characteristics and acoustically perfect qualities as we undertake improvements will be a challenge, but this challenge is achievable. What is a greater challenge is the need to find funding for the projects.

When it was built, at the turn of the century, nearly 30,000 people lived within walking distance, the copper mines meant continued wealth for the area and Calumet was the grandest town in Michigan. Houghton County had more millionaires per capita than any county in the US. All that has changed and the economics of today’s Calumet have been turned upside down. The Calumet Theatre depends upon its friends.

As management moves forward with plans to upgrade this “icon of the north,” the
need for funding is our greatest single challenge. Gifts targeting specific theatre needs as well as general non-specific gifts are welcome. If you can help, please call our Executive Director, Laura Miller, to discuss how your gift might best be utilized to assure the continuance of a quality experience at the Calumet Theatre. Her phone number is 906-337-2166 or Email Laura via our contact page.